Why Park Mark

The Park Mark is an award given by the police to car parks that have reached the standards of the Safer Parking Scheme. It's designed to reduce crime and the fear of crime in car parks. Our Park Mark awards are in recognition of steps we take to make sure that you always feel safe.

Park Mark is awarded after an assessment by a Police Accredited Assessor, and its status is subject to re-assessment every 2 years. Most of the Airport Parking Meet and Greet Operators who Work for Compare The Airport Parking are all Park Mark Accredited and hence Members of BPA. Accreditation to the scheme is considered a prestigious award and the award can be presented to Airport Parking car parks, private owned Meet and Greet car parks, shopping malls, train station car parks and Airport Parking park and ride car parks.

As a nationally recognised scheme, the absence of a Park Mark has been mentioned in the media about car parks that suffer high levels of crime, and is used in promotional publicity by Parking companies.

There are almost 4500 Park Mark car parks in the United Kingdom, and numerous accredited facilities have reported a drop in vehicle related crime of up to 80%, Compare the Airport Parking proudly sells products of the meet and Greet operators who are Park Mark Accredited,