Meet and Greet

What is Meet & Greet.
Meet & Greet is the popular choice of service by the customers, whether the travel is intended for business or leisure. 

Our operators provide Meet & Greet service ranging from one day to long stay (multiple days), depending on your requirement.
One of the operator’s chauffeur will greet you at the designated area outside the departure terminal, where your car will be collected and driven to the operators secure compound near the airport. On your return, it will be delivered back to you at the airport terminal short stay car park (the operator will direct/explain to you once you confirm to them of your arrival whilst collecting your luggage, if any. Passengers pick up is not welcomed by the airport authority in the drop off zone. Our operators are obliged to pay for only the half hour parking in the airport short stay; you don’t have to worry about ticket payment for the duration).
Transfer time to Airport
Your vehicle will be collected outside the airport terminal; you step in straight to the airport from your car.
Airport arrival procedure
You need to call the operator on the number provided on the booking receipt, approximately 20 minutes prior to you reaching the airport, if for whatever reason you fail to make the call, our operators will ring you for an update. Upon your arrival at the designated point, the chauffeur will greet you; double check all the relevant details for confirmation and drive away your vehicle to the secure compound.
Return procedure
No one likes waiting after staying away from home and loved ones. Once you have collected your luggage and almost cleared from customs, call us on the number provided on the booking receipt or provided to you when your vehicle was collected. You will be requested to remain in the airport terminal until your vehicle is arrived.
In a nutshell Meet and Greet Airport parking is a service provided by operators that allows customers to park their cars at a secure compound near the airport while they travel. One of the operator's chauffeurs greets the customer at the designated area outside the departure terminal and collects the car to be driven to the secure compound. Upon the customer's return, the car is delivered back to them at the airport terminal short stay car park. The service is available for various durations, from one day to long stays, depending on the customer's requirements. The customer can step straight into their car outside the airport terminal and leave for their destination without any waiting time.