Terms and Conditions

Notice Message. In making your booking you have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Bookings for comparetheairportparking.com Ltd. Most of the car park services offered by Comparetheairportparking.com are based off-site, unless otherwise stated.

This is a legal document which contains contractual provisions (the “Terms and Conditions”). The customer’s Statutory Rights are not affected. These terms and conditions of booking are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any of these terms or part of any term are found to be invalid illegal or unenforceable then such term(s) shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it/them valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any such modification to or deletion of a term or part term shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms.


1. Definitions

  • The “company” refers to comparetheairportparking.com Limited (a company registered in England with number 13648253).
  • The “customer” refers to the person or persons using or proposing to use the services of the company.
  • The “service provider” refers to the operator of the featured car parks for which the company acts as a booking agent.
  • The “booking” refers to the specific service(s) purchased by the customer.
  • The “date of departure” refers to the date of the outward flight. 


2. The Company’s Liability

  • These Terms and Conditions apply only to bookings made directly through this website. Bookings made via a third-party website(s) are strictly subject to the terms and conditions set out on that website(s).
  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited provides quotations by searching all the available airport parking service providers in our system. When you make a booking, you are deemed to have also read and accepted the relevant Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions. Although Comparetheairportparking.com Limited assists you in making a booking, your service delivery contract will be with your chosen service provider and not  Comparetheairportparking.com Limited As such you will be subject to their Terms and Conditions which may contain exemption clauses and limit each company's liability. Full details of these are available from the individual car park.

  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited is acting solely as a booking agent for the service providers and is only liable to the customer for their losses arising directly from its own negligence in processing the booking. Any claims related to delivery of the car parking services including loss and damages must be made against the service provider and are subject to its terms and conditions. A copy of which can be provided by the respective service provider. Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk and no valuables must be kept in the vehicle. 

  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited offers no warranty or indemnity as to the protection or safety of vehicles left in the car parking premises or any goods left within the vehicles and owners of vehicles are reminded that their own insurance policies must be utilized in order to make any claim if such loss or damage occurs while the vehicle is parked with service provider.

  • The total liability for Comparetheairportparking.com Limited to the client for all applicable claims arising from the use of this website and booking process is limited to the cost of the client′s booking including both parking and booking fees paid to Comparetheairportparking.com Limited as per the contract. 

  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited accepts no liability for any consequential loss or losses arising, including, but not exclusively, any loss of profit, additional costs, enjoyment, revenue or earnings. Customers should ensure they have adequate travel insurance in place to cover such losses.

  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited aims to tell customers as much about available offers as possible before customers make a booking. All product-specific information is provided by Service Providers. Therefore, Comparetheairportparking.com Limited can't always keep track of changes to how they run. If 
    Comparetheairportparking.com Limited becomes aware of anything that's not completely accurate in its information, it will rectify information as soon as possible.

  • The company acts only as a booking agent for the service provider for the featured car parks. It does not itself provide the services. The customer will be contracting with the service provider and will be subject to the service provider’s terms and conditions. Full details of these terms and conditions are available from the service provider.
  • As a booking agent for the service provider, the company is liable to the customer only for losses directly arising from any negligence of the company in processing a booking. Any claims by the customer in respect of the delivery of the car parking services must be made against the service provider and subject to its terms and conditions.

3. Bookings

  • Bookings via the company’s website are deemed to have been made final once a booking reference number has been issued. All Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted when a booking reference number has been issued.
  • Telephone bookings are deemed to have been made final when confirmed by the company’s telephone representative. All terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted once confirmation of the booking has been issued.
  • All services are subject to availability. The company reserves the right not to accept or fulfil a booking. A booking is not a guaranteed place and the company may cancel a booking if the service provider advises that it is unable to fulfil a booking. In these circumstances, a refund will be given but the company accepts no liability for any consequential loss or losses arising.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a valid contact number and email address is provided at the time of making a booking, Phone number or email which will be in use during the entire booking period i.e. from the date of the initial booking till the date of the return. With the contact details provided by the customer, the customer will be updated in regards to their booking i.e. any changes made to the booking, any unforeseen circumstances such as cancellations or any further information. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure he/she reads the confirmation email before travelling.
  • The company will not accept liability for any costs incurred or consequential loss arising due to the failure of the customer to provide a valid contact number and email address or failing to read the confirmation email before travelling. It is advisable for all customers to print the confirmation email and to take it when travelling to the chosen airport.
  • The company may use information supplied by the customer at the time of booking for the following purposes: (a) to fulfil the booking; (b) to processing and obtaining payment; (c) for analysis and profiling the customer’s car parking preferences (e.g. market, customer and product analysis) to enable review, development and improvement to the products and services offered; (d) to enable the company to provide the customer and other customers with relevant information through the company’s marketing programme.
  • The company may keep the customer informed of its products and services using any of the following methods: e-mail, post, telephone, SMS. If the customer wishes to opt-out of these marketing activities please advise the company accordingly.
  • Bookings made within 48 hours of travel are not eligible for a refund and can not be transferred to a later date Prices quoted by the parking operator are complete for the period booked. However, if you are delayed, more than 12 hours or your delay results in an extended stay the operator reserves the right to charge a late return fee of £10 plus any additional days parking in the event of the delay resulting in an extended stay. Any extra stay charges will be charged at the prevailing rate. Receipts for any extra stay charges paid directly to the operator can only be issued by the operator handling the parking. 
  • The Service Provider ( Operator) holds the right to not provide the service if the customer does not follow the instructions provided on the email, uses offensive language and has threatening, abusive, harassing behaviour towards their staff and in this case the parking charges wont be refunded. 
  • The booking fee is Non-Refundable. 

4 Price Changes: 

  • Ccomparetheairportparking.com is committed to providing the highest standards, at the best prices, so throughout the season we continually review our products and prices. There are likely to be some seasonal special offers where prices go down and in some circumstances, prices might even go up. Always check our website for the most up-to-date prices. Special offers/promotions Please note any promotions or offers cannot be applied retrospectively to bookings made prior to bookings or offer dates. Offers are applied only to a minimum spend of £30

4.1 Late return cover

  • In case your return flight is delayed and you are unable to collect your car on time on your return. Late return cover allows you Up to 6 hours to collect your car, As long as you Collect it before midnight. Customers returning after midnight have to pay the normal day rate

5. Customer Cancellations, Refunds and Amendments 

  • All cancellations for whatever reason, are subject to a minimum £40 administration charge. ComapreTheAirportParking.com will provide a refund to the value of your booking less the £40 administration charge.
  • All cancellations must be made by email and received during office hours 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday No refund will be made for bookings made and cancelled within 48 hours of travel will NOT receive a refund.
  • All Amendments are subject to £20 admin fee. Amendments must be emailed to bookings@comparetheairportparking.com or you can call us on 0207-1297-309. 
  • The following conditions apply for Flexible Product cancellations 
  • All Non-Flexible Products, Super Saver deals and frozen orders are non-refundable if not protected by a Cancellation Cover.
  • All Non-Flexible/Non-Refundable Products which are Protected by Cancellation Cover will be eligible for a 70% Refund ONLY 
  • No Refund will be issued if a Booking Date has been Changed.
  • All bookings made via 3rd party websites are non-refundable 
  • Customers wishing to shorten the length of stay for a service, once the service has commenced, will still be liable to pay the whole fee for the service booked. No refund will be given.


Cancellation cover

  • 5.1 Should a customer wish to cancel they must do so at least 48 hours prior to their departure date in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • 5.2 No refund will be issued if the cancellation notice is received in less than 48 hours from the departure date.
  • 5.3 Please send your cancellation request within office hours only (Monday - Friday 09.00 to 17.00 excluding bank holidays).
  • 5.4 Cancellation Cover does not apply for bookings made the same day, booked for the following day or in certain products where stated.
  • 5.5 Booking Fees, Cancellation cover and SMS Charges are non-refundable.
  • 5.6 Late Return covers you if your flight is delayed on the same day. For any additional day, there will be extra charges.
  • 5.7 All cancellations must be made by email and received during office hours 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday No refund will be made for bookings made and cancelled within 48 hours of travel. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of travel will NOT receive a refund.
  • 5.8 Bookings extended or amended will be charged the normal trending price online if notified 48 hours before.
  • 5.9 Bookings cancelled 48 hours before travel and with a value in excess of £40 will receive a 50% refund and will not be subject to the administration charge. Cancelled or unused bookings are not transferable. Early returns or days not used are not refundable Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card used at the time of booking. Refunds for bookings made using PayPal will be made to the Paypal account used at the time of booking The above information also applies if a booking has been made for an incorrect airport or is cancelled or unused due to a third party action.
  • 5.8 Please note the cancellation must be made by email and received at our office during office hours of 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, telephone cancellations are NOT acceptable.
  • 5.10 PLEASE NOTE: Any emailed request for changes to a booking that carries an extra charge will automatically be taken from the method of payment at the time of booking without prior consent as the request for change will be deemed to be consent to charge the extra amount due. If the payment is made by Paypal then the amount MUST be paid in full by other means ie credit or debit card prior to travel, failure to comply with this will result in your booking being cancelled and No refund allowed.

6. Booking on Hold

  • Bookings that have been cancelled or postponed can be reused for 1 year as long as the customers pay the trending price difference and £20 admin fee.

7. Directions:

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure you have directions to your car park or your full arrival instructions for meet and greet If you arrive early and have not informed the operator of your early arrival the operator reserves the right to allocate a new time slot and may charge extra, or may adhere to the original meeting time.
  • Minimum stays: A minimum stay applies at some car parks. Should you wish to stay for fewer days, you can, but the cost of the minimum duration is payable unless a prior agreement is made with your provider.
  • Car Keys: In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your car keys with car park staff if requested to do so.
  • Oversized cars and Vans will be charged by the car park. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is not more than 2 meters high or it is long-wheel based.

8. Insurance:

  • All operator's insurance is for road risks only and covers the operator's drivers to move the vehicle to and from the airport or such storage areas as required by the operator. Any claim for damage while the vehicle is stored how so ever caused unless the damage is caused while moving the vehicle. Must be claimed from the individual owner's insurance.

9. Complaint Procedure: 

  • Comparetheairportparking.com acts as a Booking agent and we do not take vehicles from any airport. The service provider takes the vehicle and park it in their own car park. You need to call the service provider on your departure and return day. Any issues regarding parking service ( Delay, Damage etc. ) must be discussed with the service provider.
  • All complaints regarding the provision of service (Not Damage) must be received by email within 24 hours of return to the UK any complaint received after this time will not be considered. Damage complaints will only be considered if noted at the time of the return of the vehicle.
  • All Parking is subject to the terms and conditions of comparetheairportparking.com Ltd and the customer accepts comparetheairportparking.com Ltd is the booking handling agent and that all claims regarding damage or loss caused by the customer's chosen operator while moving vehicles must be claimed from the operator's insurance and reported to the operator at the time of collection.
  • Your vehicle must be roadworthy and hold a current road fund licence if your vehicle is not roadworthy or does not display the road fund licence or you cannot show proof of a new application at the time of your collection you will be refused the service and NO refund will be eligible. We accept no liability for the mechanical, structural or electrical failure of any part of your vehicle including windscreens, alarms, immobilisers, glass, flat batteries, tyres and wheels howsoever caused. We accept no liability for any faulty car keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. You must ensure you leave the drivers with the right keys, alarm fobs and instructions to start your vehicle. Damage to glass- tyres- wheels headlamp clusters etc due to adverse road conditions ie flying debris-potholes are not covered and no compensation will be payable in the event of accidental damage to the above.

10. Distance Selling 

  • Regulation 6 (b) of the distance selling regulations 2000 states that contracts for the provision of transport and leisure services while the supplier provides services on a specific date or within a specific period are exempt to the traditional 'cooling-off period placed on select online goods and services. Cancellations are subject to the contractual terms agreed upon within these Terms & Conditions.

11. Modification.

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice and your continued use of this website, including telephone bookings will be conditioned upon the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of your use


  • Comparetheairportparking.com Limited, trading as comparetheairportparking.com, acts as an agent for local airport car parking suppliers, which offer car parking based on the terms described below.
  • Comparetheairportparking.com acts as an agent for the car-parking supplier, and the car-parking contract is made with the car-parking supplier concerned, based on their terms and conditions. The car-parking supplier is responsible for its own negligence and maintains an insurance policy accordingly. The supplier is not liable for the acts of any third party or for any item covered by another insurance policy. The terms and conditions of each car-parking supplier are available on request or exhibited at each car park.
  • The car parking supplier disclaims any liability if you fail to notify them of any loss or damage to your vehicle before leaving the car park or airport.

13: Local car parking suppliers are not liable for the following:

  • Loose items or articles not otherwise permanently affixed to the vehicle.
  • Damage to windscreen, windows or tyres.
  • Mechanical or electrical defects to the vehicle, as these can arise at any time.
  • Hire charges or hotel charges incurred.
  • Personal possessions or valuables left in the vehicle.
  • Car parking suppliers may require you to use alternative car parks during peak periods.
  • It is important to keep your car parking voucher safe during your holiday. Local car parking suppliers have a lien for all charges due and will only release your car on the production of this receipt or payment of the appropriate amount.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding our airport parking comparison services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is here to help and provide assistance.

14: Car Collection Time for Airport Parking

 14.1: Arrival Window for Flight Departures:

  • To ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience, customers utilizing meet and greet parking services are advised to arrive at the car park between 3 and 3.5 hours prior to their flight departure time.
  • This timeframe provides a generous buffer to account for unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays, including traffic congestion, accidents, adverse weather conditions, or even potential booking system malfunctions.
  • While Compare The Airport Parking strives to facilitate prompt car collection upon arrival at the designated car park, arrival outside the recommended window may result in waiting times depending on car park capacity and staffing.

14.2: Importance of Adherence:

  •  Customers are responsible for factoring in recommended arrival times when making their booking and planning their journey to the airport.
  • Missing a flight due to late arrival at the car park falls outside the scope of Compare The Airport Parking's liability.

14.3: Alternative Options:

  • Customers requiring stricter arrival time guarantees may consider alternative car park services offered through Compare The Airport Parking, such as on-site valet parking options (subject to availability and potentially higher charges).

14.4: Conclusion:

  • By utilizing Compare The Airport Parking's services, customers acknowledge and agree to these amended terms and conditions regarding car collection times for airport parking bookings.

Note: This amendment can be incorporated into the existing Compare The Airport Parking Terms & Conditions document, potentially under a new section dedicated to arrival procedures or within the section outlining customer responsibilities.

15: HMRC VAT Receipt Guideline
The HMRC states that a full VAT invoice/receipt can only be obtained from the principal operator handling your parking  as under HMRC guidelines UKPF act solely as an Agent and therefore are unable to supply a VAT invoice  and can only show the Gross  Payment of your parking, see HMRC Guide to Agents sections 22.5 and 23.1 You may of course request one from the operator you have chosen.

You can reach us via email at info@comparetheairportparking.com or by filling out the contact form on our website. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

In addition, we also welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our website and services to better meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free airport parking experience.

Thank you for choosing CompareTheAirportParking.com. We look forward to hearing from you!